Yoga and Dance has always been a extensive part of my life. Both practices has helped me to nourish my whole self, being the Body, Mind and Spirit. I started practicing yoga at the age of 15 and when i was 21 my love of Middle Eastern dance began. These two beautiful practices have assisted me to generate this wonderful passion for life.

Yoga has lead me to be a more compassionate being and i am dedicated to helping people reach there full potential through Dance or Yoga. I love to inspire people in my community, to help build there self confidence, to support and to encourage each other to try new things. Dance has a beautiful way of connecting yourself deep into the present moment which enriches both the body and soul.

I also teach a wonderful fusion fitness workout called Bellyfit® that is designed for women. This is all the things a love drawn in to one awesome workout. I offer Yoga, Belly Dance and Bellyfit classes throughout the Nelson and Tasman region.


Qualifications and Experience include

• 18 years Middle Eastern Dance experience

I have trained with Gretchen Howard for 17 years, the founder of Zenda Belly Dance Troupe with 10 years experience teaching Belly dance.

I have also attended intensive training and/or workshops with the following dancers. Amera, Tais Derbasova, Nerissa Koukla, Alice Knox, Zaghareet Daniela, Kami Liddle, Suhaila Salimpour with both the Suhaila and jamila level one workshops and Candice Frankland.

 •  Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (Naturopathic College of NZ)

 •   YTT 200 Santosha Yoga 12 Month Certification

 •   Bellyfit® -  Pratitioner Certificate and Crew Member

  • Yin Yoga 100 hour Teacher Training YACEP Shanti Atma Yoga, Dunedin NZ

 IYTA member -International Yoga Association



Debbie Teaches Hatha Yoga drawing from the ancient yoga teachings from the Sri Krisnamacharya lineage. A unique blend of Vinyasa krama sequences, connecting movement with the breath. Debbie also teaches Yin Yoga.  A more passive approach to Yoga, mostly floor based poses that are held for a period of time targeting the Yin tissues in the body.

Bellyfit®- For women only, Bellyfit Classes are intelligently designed to give you the full body workout you need, the mental calm you deserve and the spiritual connection you crave. Each class is inspired by 3 movement practices- Fitness, Dance and Yoga. The first half focusing on a opening meditation, warm up and cardio section, the last half focusing on core and Yoga based exercises. The music is richly layered,containing organic, tribal drums, beautiful melodies and inspiring meditative soundscapes. Bring a yoga mat,bottle of water and wear comfortable footwear for the cardio section.
Belly Dance
Debbie started learningthe art of Middle Eastern Dance back in 2001.She spent 18 years with the Zenda Belly dance Troupe where 9 years was spent teaching beginner and advanced dancers.She now specialises in teaching workshops and is available for private tuition on request. Please also contact her for performance hire. Styles of Belly dance- Cabaret/Orientale, Fusion

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Phone: 027 689 0558